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We provide new theatrical opportunities to up-and-coming artists in the St Louis area. Our mission is not only to provide an outlet in which to perform, but also to give opportunities to direct, choreograph, and design shows. We feel that there are very few opportunities like this currently offered in our city.

The internship program of Vivre Theatre is a full season program designed to give opportunities to those interested in furthering their career in theatrical production on a professional level. Those involved will receive training and hands-on experience with at least 2 full-scale productions. 

To begin your application process, the following items should be submitted to vivretheatre@gmail.com:

  • A completed Internship Program Application
  • A personal statement of goals
  • A current resumé and educational experience
  • Copy of your Driver’s License or other ID

All applications and references will be reviewed within two weeks of receipt. A follow-up interview will be scheduled to complete your application process.

At that time, please prepare a brief presentation regarding two shows, one small cast and one large cast, that would allow an opportunity to enhance your training, as well as benefit our theatre company should we choose to move forward with the production.